Sunday, December 25, 2011

Christmas in Iowa

I still like reading the Christmas books of my childhood. Vincent listens.
For many months, I've neglected this blog. In the absence of posting, my first semester at the University of Missouri passed. Since moving to Columbia, Mo., I wrote 24 articles for the Columbia Missourian, co-created a website featuring multi-media reporting, worked with undergraduates as a teaching assistant and completed three graduate courses. I was also required to update two new blogs (Emilie Stigliani's Reporting and Emilie's Fundamentals of Convergence). 

A break is in order. Happily, school starts Jan. 18, so I have several weeks to rest and relax. I plan to spend this time in Cedar Falls and Iowa City with my parents and siblings. Vincent, my brother who attends Swarthmore College, will be on break as well. I look forward to reading, writing, a few day trips and to posting my personal creative work from the coming weeks. In the meantime, happy holidays!