Tuesday, May 28, 2013

In the absence of posting

A lot of changes in the past two weeks ...

picture by my friend Tatiana Fernandez

The big change ... I graduated with my master's in journalism from the University of Missouri and moved from Columbia, Mo.

A familiar view

The small change (which feels quite big at the moment) ... I'm flat on my back recovering from foot surgery. Luckily, I am well cared for in Iowa.

More updates to come ...

Monday, May 13, 2013

Mother's Day, a day late

I've been tying up loose ends in Columbia, Mo.—packing, goodbyes, cleaning and finishing work. But that's no reason not to take time to recognize a mother of six, including me. I think we would all agree that she taught us a great deal and loved us well.

At the moment, I am drawing on a lesson that my mother taught her children by example. It is one that my sister Claire often repeats, "Onward!" (with her index finger raised). As I graduate, I am channeling this attitude. Don't be afraid. Pull yourself together, and embrace the next adventure.

My siblings (minus Marisa) reading with Mama, circa 1994.

Sunday, May 5, 2013

City sisters

Two years after exploring the beautiful (and not so beautiful) offerings of Buenos Aires, Marisa and I rendezvoused for the weekend in Chicago. We attended our friend's 30th birthday party and spent many hours walking through the city.

It was the perfect way to reflect on all that has happened in both our lives since our trip.

Photo taken on Marisa's iPhone at our friend's party