Monday, February 20, 2012


Something's taken hold of me. It's happened slowly, but this afternoon I realized that I am turning into Martha Stewart.

I can trace the beginning of this change to fall 2011. I started having this unexplainable urge to knit socks. With my graduate school workload, there wasn't really time, but I managed to make one pair before Christmas and quickly finished a second during the break. Right now, I'm about halfway through a third pair — only I'm not even making them with anyone particular in mind.

Another change is that I've been getting really excited about dreaming up gifts to give to people. I've never sent as many packages as I have in the past few months. I don't give away expensive things. It's usually something I've put a great deal of thought into and has a homemade element.

Today, I wanted to make something for two friends who will celebrate their birthdays this week. I decided that the perfect gift for a busy graduate student would be homemade cinnamon, blueberry granola bars. I went out and got a few ingredients that I didn't have at home and then set to work.

A cozy new rug which is feeding my domestic mood.
The wet mix for the cinnamon, blueberry bars
While the bars baked, I wrote the birthday cards and knit.
Out of the oven
The finished gifts

What surprises me is that I thought I would spend the majority of my free Mondays writing. I do write (I've actually been writing for half an hour first thing each morning.), but so far I have been wanting to spend my Mondays on household pursuits rather than cerebral activities.

Maybe it's a life shift. I turn 27 in April and the biological clock could be sounding its alarm.


  1. I am craving something sweet and your bars would hit the spot. I will settle for bread and honey, honey. Marie Stewart

  2. Hey Vinnie and Mama, thanks for reading! Wish you were both here to enjoy the treats. XO

  3. Replies
    1. Hey, Aesthetic Voyager! Yes, it's my place. I'll have you over sometime for dinner. Hope to bump into you soon. XO E