Monday, February 13, 2012

Snow and Soup

It's a snowy Valentine's eve and another Monday that I've had more or less to myself.

I started my day with Leo and the loop around Stephen's Park followed by a quick trip to campus where I dropped off a stack of graded papers (Whew!), swam some laps at the pool and went to a doctor's appointment where I was reassured that I was healthy and "probably would be my entire life." (I'll take that diagnosis.)

After a quick coffee break with a friend who just got back to town, I headed to the grocery store to pick up soup ingredients. I settled on carrot-ginger and asparagus soups, purchased a 5-pound bag of carrots, a knob of ginger and 2 pounds of asparagus and headed home where I kicked into nesting mode — sweeping the floor, washing the sheets and simmering vegetables.

Satisfied with my housework, I moved on to homework and a glass of wine. I'm in the habit tipping the bottle before dinner, when I can. It makes me feel European.

And finally, I sat down to dinner.

No Valentine this year, but it can be cozy to spend an afternoon home alone.


  1. I agree with you. Cozy is sometimes underrated in a milieu that prefers fast, sexy or exciting. Tonight I vote for COZY. Mutti

  2. Drinking wine before dinner is definitely European. Damn it, I miss it so much!