Monday, March 5, 2012

A trip to the zoo

Marisa watches them.
The gorilla stares back.
This is a quick post because it's late and I'm tired. I spent the afternoon in St. Louis with Marisa. It's been one year since Argentina and I wanted to go for a long afternoon walk in commemoration of the many walks on our trip and her upcoming birthday. We found our way to the Saint Louis Zoo and visited Marisa's favorite animals — the primates.


  1. Memories, memories...When you girls were wee girlies we enjoyed walks through the National Zoo in D.C. and later, through the TierGarten in Vienna - one of the few remaining Baroque zoos in the world. It was the beginning of a long love affair with monkeys, apes, chimps and orangs. We especially liked seeing the babies clinging on to their mommas. Mutti

  2. Thanks for reminding me of the TierGarten. It was such a treat to go. The apes have this thoughtful expression that makes me want to ask them what they're thinking. And, yes, the Mamas and babies are not so different from us either.